Roster Role: Ash 10:30am Offertory Counters

As a church we want to be good stewards of the money given by church members to support gospel work in our parish and beyond. Part of this is keeping good records, and so after every service we count the collected money.

Time Commitment

  • After the service: ten minutes to count the money

What does a win look like?

  • The collection is counted accurately and recorded according to the set system
  • The collection is stored in the safe ready to be banked during the week
  • Any communication cards or other forms put in the collection bags have been put in the everything box

Keys to winning

  • Make sure you have two counters, who are not on the church payroll and not married/related to each other.

  • Count the money, fill in and sign the sheet

  • Get the congregational pastor to unlock and lock the safe.

  • Put the offertory bags into the cupboard with communion equipment.
  • If there are any communication cards or other forms in the collection bag, put them in the everything box