Roster Role: Ash 6pm Communion Assist

To serve our brothers and sister at CCIW by assisting in the distribution of the Lord's supper.

Time Commitment

To be at the service 5 minutes before commencement to check with the service leader to see whether there are any special requirements for that day.

What does a win look like?

The Lord's Supper is distributed in a way in which congregational members are given the greatest chance of "drawing near to feed on him in our hearts by faith and with thanksgiving". (An Australian Prayer Book)

Keys to winning

1. Know when to come up
The moment to come up to help assist is when the minister presiding at the Lord's Supper has finished their lines in the order of service and is taking the bread and the wine themselves. At this point come forward and kneel at the rail with the other assistants.

2. Know your pourer:
In assisting with the Lord's Supper you will usually be asked to distribute either the wine or the juice from the pourers into the individual cups that congregational members bring to the rail. On the pourer next to the handle a letter has been marked to assist in knowing which you have: 'W' for wine and 'J' for juice.

2. Know your spot:
If you have the juice pourer you stand on the right hand-side of the table (as you face the front) if you have the wine pourer you stand on the left hand side of the table.

3. Know your task:
You serve "YOUR HALF" of the rail. You stand there and wait, taking note of who has brought an individual cup to the rail. Once the bread has been distributed you can follow and approach those with the individual cups. Pour an amount to fill the individual cup and say the words of distribution. While not distributing stand back in your spot until required again.

4. Know your lines:
The words of distribution are "Take and drink this in remembrance that Christ's blood was shed for you. And be thankful." If you are a bit nervous and feel like you might not remember your lines or would just like to be safe, it is quite alright to have them written on a small bit of paper and to hold that discreetly in your hand and read from the bit of paper.

5. Know when to sit down
After everyone has been served you return the pourer to the minister and you can open the gate, move the cushion and return to your seat.

Other things you may be asked to do

Kneeling Cushion and Gate: you may be asked to close the little gate so as to coplete the full kneeling rail. If this is the case please note that you first pull the kneeling cushion across and then close the gate doing up both latches to make sure it is as secuire as possible and doesn't open when someone is kneeling and leaning againt it. After communion the process of opening is just the reverse of the above.

Common Cup: Instead of looking after the pourer you may be asked to look after distributing the wine form the common cup. If this is the case the instructions are the same as above except that
i. you follow the bread distribution along the whole rail, serving all who do not have an individual cup
ii. you use a purificator to wipe the rim of the cup after each person has received the wine. Also you usually turn the cup so that the next person is not immediately drinking from the same part of the cup as the previous person.