Roster Role: Ash 10:30am Communion Setup & Packup

Items needed

  • 1 large cup, pre-filled with Port wine
  • 2 Oil pourers, one pre-filled with wine, the other with blackcurrent juice. (They are labelled near the handle - "W" for wine, "J" for juice. When pouring the blackcurrent juice, donʼt use the straw, just pour directly from the box).
  • 2 bread rolls (Person leading communion to provide (Katay or Paulo))
  • 1 Silver plate
  • 2 wooden trays for the individual glass cups, one filled with clean cups, the other empty.

Linen needed

  • 1 large linen cloth to go directly on the table
  • 1 smaller cloth to go on the plate and underneath the bread roll
  • 1 ʻwiperʼ (called a purificator) which drapes over the cup
  • 1 linen covered ʻboardʼ to give shape to the coloured over-cloth.
  • 2 coloured items - the big board and the overcloth, the same colour as the rest of the cloths in the church.
  • 2 tissues to go under the pourers


  • Place the wine/juice pourers either side of the common cup, with a tissue underneath each (to catch drips), on top of the large linen cloth, as per directions on the service sheet.
  • Take the little prayer desks from next to the holy table and put them downstage on the chancel. On the right hand side as people come up, put the wooden tray containing the individual cups. On the other side put the empty tray.


  • Please wash with hot water!
  • Silverware should be dried and put away
  • Little glasses can be left out to drip dry, Merina is happy to put away on Monday