Roster Role: Cleaning Ashfield


Usually done on Friday or Saturday mornings. Times can vary if there are weddings or funerals.


Cleaning and vacuming takes approximately 2hrs for 2 people.


Cleaning materials etc, are in first right hand cupboard in Rectors Vestry.


Master Key opens vestry door.


Commencing in Sanctuary  & chancel dust or polish all timber work. Example Holy Table, prayer desks, pulpit, communion rails.


All the carpet area including Communion serving are to be vacummed .


Chapel Holy table, timber lectern..


Pews dust  both church and chapel plus ledges under pews that would normally take books.

All window ledges throughout the church.

All kneelers and bibles placed at end of pews. 


Rector Vestry dust all cupboards clean hand basin –empty paper basket.

The walkway area,  baptistery  crying room dusted vacumed , glass door of crying room cleaned when necessary.


Entrance porch, dusted including stair case. Any surplus out of date papers put in recycling bin.


Front stone steps cleaned to remove pigeon droppings.

Carpet and flooring vacuumed.


Please see that all doors and windows are locked and keys are returned.