Roster Role: Ash 10:30am Slideshow operator

It's frequently been demonstrated that congregations who are looking up at a screen sing much louder (and therefore encourage each other much more) than those looking down at a sheet or hymn book. Operating the slideshow is a simple job but doing it well really helps with our corporate singing and other service elements that benefit from visual support.

Time Commitment

  • Slideshow operators are generally rostered on about once every 6 weeks
  • Before the service: arrive 15 minutes early to meet the lead tech and be ready to start. 

What does a win look like?

  • The congregation always sees exactly what they should on the screen at the right time.

Keys to winning

  • During songs, advance to the next slide as we start singing the last word on the current slide

  • Make sure you stay focused - sing every word of the songs

  • Remember there are slides for the bible readings and the creed, and sometimes for the sermon or other items.