Roster Role: Ash 10:30am Lead tech

Audio Visual technology is a powerful communication tool that can really help encourage the congregation when used well. On the other hand, when things go wrong it can be a powerful distraction! Overseeing the technology with skill and diligence allows the congregation to hear clearly what's happening at the front, be immersed in our corporate music-making, and stimulated by various types of visual media.

Time Commitment

  • Frequency: Lead techs are rostered on about once a month
  • Training: Initial training takes about 90 minutes, with annual refresher and extension training
  • Before the service: arrive 30 minutes early to set up

What does a win look like?

  • Everything is set up in good time
  • The congregation hears everything they should, and nothing else
  • The congregation sees everything they should on the screen, and nothing else
  • The next service's lead tech finds all the equipment in good condition and the right place

Keys to winning

  • A detailed procedure is in the lead tech manual with background knowledge in the training document

  • The slideshow operator is your assistant – make sure they are on the right track

  • Mic and video cues are key!

  • Remember sermon recording is your job, not the slideshow operator's

  • Always listen carefully!

  • Be ready to start