Roster Role: FD 10am Book Stall Manager

Running the book stall involves:

1. Reading through the book stall instructions (contained in the book stall 'toolbox')

2. Picking up the book stall 'toolbox' from Matt or Jill prior to the start of the 10am service (a container which contains the receipt book, float etc). 

3. Moving to the bookstall just before the service finishes, so that the stall is staffed before people begin to leave

4. Handling the selling of books/exchange of money & receipts for as long as there are people in the church building (though if people stay in the building after the service but haven't come to the bookstall feel free to leave after a few minutes).

5. This can also be a significant pastoral opportunity, especially in helping newcomers feel welcome. People may ask for recommendations and that may provide opportunities for chatting to people about their lives, reading habits and spiritual lives.