Roster Role: Ash 6pm Bookstall manager

1. Prior to the service starting, collect the toolbox (float, etc). Keep the toolbox with you during the service. 

2. After the completion of the service, stand near the bookstall and offer suggestion or advice to anyone who's browsing, or for a newcomer keen to redeem their $15 voucher. This is an excellent pastoral opportunity, particularly with newcomers redeeming their voucher. They will often ask for recommendations, and that gives the possibility of engaging in a spiritual conversation with them

3. When sombody purchases a book/DVD/CD, offer a receipt. If they'd like a receipt complete one for them, otherwise don't worry about filling out a receipt. Give change as necessary. An eftpos slip can be completed if the person does not have cash on them.

The purchase MUST be recorded on the print A4 sheet in the toolbox, completing all columns of info.  

NB. If somebody uses their $15 voucher, the condition is that they hand in a communication card with the voucher (ie. if they are happy to give us their details). 

4. To finish up, close the curtains and put the toolbox back in the safe.